Fighting sports in the visual arts

According to Gertrude Stein, “Art isn’t everything. It’s just about everything”. Fighting sports such as boxing are far more frequently found in the visual arts than other disciplines. The fight of man against man is something ancient and has always fascinated the art world. Their heroes are portrayed by artists who have made a name for themselves mostly unnoticed by classical museums and galleries. Their works are often sold to top flight collectors with whom they share a common passion – the fascination for art and fighting sports.

About the collection –
Ingo Wegerich Fine Art Collection

What is special about this collection is that the works of art, without exception originals, are not only artistically convincing, but also have a contemporary historical relevance, depicting great historical fights or fighters that inspired a generation. Just think of the 1930s, for example, when Joe Louis and Max Schmeling boxed while millions of people followed the fights on the radio. Most of the original artworks were also featured on the front pages of international boxing magazines or the official fight programs. These artworks thus not only tell a story, but are themselves a piece of contemporary history.

This collection is one of the most extensive of its kind, ranging from the thirties to the present. The contemporary works of art are often signed by the fighters, sometimes directly after the depicted fights, making them all the more historical and valuable.